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Twitscape rules

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Twitscape rules Empty Twitscape rules

Post by Mrtwit Fri Oct 24, 2014 12:36 am

Official Community Guidelines:

#1. Be nice to other players.

We are a community. One big team that represents the game and the community. It is very important that you are nice to your fellow players and help them out if they ask for it. This obviously does not mean that you have to give them free stuff if they ask for it, but if someone asks where he/she can obtain a certain item or start a certain quest we expect you to answer that question with respect.

#2. Staff Communication

Our Staff-Members are working very hard. You must understand that they do not always have time to answer your questions. We are here to help you, but we are also here to maintain the game. If there is something going on that is more important than your question then we are forced to take care of that first. We expect you to stay calm and wait for a response. You have a higher success rate if you contact the staff In-Game. We expect you to stay calm and treat us with respect. Otherwise we will not answer your question.

#3. Game Feedback

If you have any negative feedback on the game itself please stay mature and make a proper post about it on the forum. Flaming is not going to do anything. If you are frustrated simply take a deep breath and think about posting your thread before doing it. Think about the effects it will have on the community. Do not post threads about how you lost your items after being killed by another player or a monster. It is part of the game and you will have to live with it.

#4. Exploiting exploits/bugs/glitches

If you happen to find a bug we expect you to report it to one of our Administrators. If it is a serious bug please report it to Mrtwit or Pvm X Maddog immediately.

Please do not abuse this bug yourself. It could not only be very dangerous for the game but it could get your account suspended as well. If you are found selling a Twitscape 614 exploit/bug/glitch legal actions will be taken.
Rewards will be given if the player reports the bug.

If you think the text is too long to read, here are the Guidelines listed:

1. Treat members with respect.

2. Treat Staff-Members with respect and wait for their response patiently. Do NOT start spamming their inbox.

3. Do not post negative feedback about the game on the forum if you have no reason to.

4. Do not exploit glitches/bugs you find. Please report them to our Staff-Members.

Official Rules:

#1. Offensive Language

Offensive language will not be tolerated in any way. If you disagree with something, say it in an appropriate way or contact a Staff-Member.

#2. Real World Trading (RWT)

You are only allowed to trade Twitscape 614 goods in the game itself. It may not be traded for anything that is not relevant to Twitscape 614.

#3. Scamming

If you are found scamming other players you will face the consequences. Scamming is not tolerated at all. Scamming means that you are making a trade in the game under false conditions or promises.

#4. Advertising

You may not advertise for any services ANYWHERE on this site. External links to resources such as Wikipedia are OK.

Some Other Rules:

#1. No Boosting (Farming Kills).

#2. No Farcasting in the Safe-Zone.

#3. No Spec. and Teleport (In ;;pvp).

#4. No Spec. with Prayer rushing. (In ;;pvp)

#5. No Luring with the command ::yell.

#6. No using a Proxy or VPN.

#7. No Spamming within 1-3 seconds with an Auto-Typer.

#8. No Selling Twitscape 614 GP for ANYTHING (Including Forum Signatures)!

Multi such as ;;clanwars has NO RULES as it is a free for all event.

Types of Punishment

There are different type of punishment depends on the rule broken:


A player is given a warning if he/she violates a rule. Do NOT make the same mistake twice. If you are given 2 warnings, you will be Jailed.


A player will be send to a dark room because he/she violated the rules.


A mute will prevent a player from chatting normally with other players. The duration of the mute is determined by which rule was broken.


A ban is when your account is disabled. While disabled, the account cannot be accessed In-Game.


Your account is permanently banned.

Account Recovery Format

What was the reason for this Ban:

Do you have any Video Evidence/Screenshots/Witnesses:

When did it take place:

What can you do to prevent this in the future:

*Any other format will be rejected immediately and you will be asked to re-apply with this format.*

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