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ElMajor14 Staff Application

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ElMajor14 Staff Application Empty ElMajor14 Staff Application

Post by elmajor Wed Jul 16, 2014 3:12 am

In-game name: ElMajor14

Forums name:ElMajor


country and TimeZone: USA California

How long can you be on Per day: Normally I'm on all day and witness many bad acts and behavior. Someone was even advertising today and not one mod or admin was on.

Are you Active on the Forums? I just made the account to apply so yeah I will be active.

Position you are applying for: in-game mod or admin

Why do you deserve this position: Not only am I very active and helpful to everyone who needs help. I'm also a great pker in the community having over 100 unsafe kills. With this it allows me to help new comers get started. Also I've witnessed about 3 different times where someone has been advertising another 614 server and not 1 single mod or admin is on. I can't believe it like no wonder we are not growing as fast because some newb keeps coming on our server and advertising. I know if i'm admin or mod i'll be on most likely 85% chance of catching these guys because I'm so active. Also I've been playing Runescape since 2002.

Tell us about yourself (Optional): I'm 6 feet tall and play baseball. My dream is to make it to the MLB and I play on 3 different teams. So when i'm not playing i'm following my dreams and fight everyday to get better.

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ElMajor14 Staff Application Empty Re: ElMajor14 Staff Application

Post by Alkan Beast Wed Jul 16, 2014 4:23 am

I will says yes, but you need to be active on the forum also.
Good Luck
Alkan Beast
Alkan Beast

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