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Alkan Beast Forum Moderator Empty Alkan Beast Forum Moderator

Post by Alkan Beast Tue Jul 15, 2014 6:04 am

Forums name: Alkan Beast

In-game name:
Alkan Beast


country and TimeZone:

How long can you be on Per day:
All day

Are you Active on the Forums?
Yes, everytime I can, I go on the forum to see if there's new reply or any player need help for something, take for exemple, the player runescape with is problem to connect on the server, I search and help him with is problem (witch I don't know if it work :/). Normally, when I wake up, first thing I do is go check the forum for new post to be answers. Am more active on the forum because I do go on the server to pvp, maybe in the future I will, but not now.

Position you are applying for:
Forum Moderator (with design if possible, if not just Forum Moderator)

Why do you deserve this position:
I already posted a apply for moderator, so sorry if says the same thing. So far, I help a lot the server and the forum , everyday, I try to bring some new idea to make the forum better, I give a lot of suggestion, (New section, New Rank, New GFX Rank, Rank Requirement for player who don't know how to get rank, etc )Also, Am going to do a event to benefit the player and the server (not telling what the event Wink, but it would help the forum). I want to make the Forum better by cleaning post, removing post that are not appropriate and make the forum better in the future for future player, a better forum bring more people and more player bring more fun for everyone, in game and on the forum, last thing I want to says is that everyone know that when I post something, it always clean and structure so it can be easy to read it.

Tell us about yourself (Optional):
I love to create design, draw in my free time, I want to become a GFX Designer (as a job) or Programmer.

EDIT : Forum moderator on the forum, and GFX Designer in game (if I ever come back)

Thanks - Alkan Beast

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Alkan Beast

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Alkan Beast Forum Moderator Empty Re: Alkan Beast Forum Moderator

Post by Guest Tue Jul 15, 2014 7:58 am

Don't double post.

This guy is pretty active on the Forums.


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