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Shahed's staff app

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Shahed's staff app Empty Shahed's staff app

Post by shahed Sun Jul 13, 2014 9:49 am

Username: Shahed

Real life name: Shahed

I have played RuneScape itself more than six years ago and many other RSPS in between. I am very knowledgeable about RuneScape. If any newcomers join the game and ask any questions, I am certainly capable of helping them out and showing them around. I'm hardworking in real life and in the game. The world 'altruistic' nicely describes me. I enjoy going out of my way to help others out. I don't like to see people struggle. Just make life easier, and help yourself by helping others. In addition, I am great at advertising. I can easily bring in a plethora of more players. After all, the more players there are, the more fun everyone has. Right? Well, there are certainly incidents in real life and in the game where I helped people out. Inside the game, I've shown new players where the skilling area is, where to purchase useful items, how to make a decent amount of money in a short amount of time, etc. In real life, I'm a math tutor, so I help students in areas that are tremendously difficult. Everyone needs a little boost at times. Nobody can handle cumbersome tasks easily all the time.
I'm an active gamer. Of course, I do have a life outside of the gaming world, like everyone else, but I can still play several hours on a daily basis. My goal is to achieve high objectives, and playing several minutes here and there doesn't really accomplish much.I'm always interested in reading about new updates. Reading is another area I Iike. I like to be aware of things so that not only I know about them, but I can also explain them to others. And, as I've stated earlier, I'll be active in-game. Most players like me. Inevitably, there will be players who dislike you know matter what you do. You simply can't please everyone. I'm nice to others, and I have utility value as well as am capable of being a great friend, so must people end up liking me.


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Shahed's staff app Empty Re: Shahed's staff app

Post by Guest Sun Jul 13, 2014 9:53 am

Please use the given staff application format.


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