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The Ch0zen's NEW Mod Application

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The Ch0zen's NEW Mod Application Empty The Ch0zen's NEW Mod Application

Post by the ch0zen Sat Jul 12, 2014 2:13 am

In-game name: The Ch0zen
Forums name: The ch0zen
Age: 17
country and TimeZone: United States Eastern Daylight time (EDT) -0400 UTC

How long can you be on Per day: I'll be on 2-6 hours Mon-Sunday just like ive been on these past weeks!

Are you Active on the Forums? Yes im Pretty active on forums

Position you are applying for: Moderator

Why do you deserve this position:I will always do my best to help and contribute. I'm also a good guide writer, so I will be able to write guides to help people out!. I can help you simply moderating the server. I've made Donations. Moderating, cleaning up after spammers and making the server have a nice atmosphere is what I can do.

Tell us about yourself (Optional):I'm Gabriel, an experienced RSPS player who will not let you down. I think that Deception looks like a very nice server, and I hope that the forums will be nice for me aswell. I'd love to moderate a server like this, and I can be very active since I've got alot of spare time. Why would you pick me? Well, that's up to you. I'd say that I'm a good moderator, but I don't know how you look at me? Maybe you don't see me as a good choice for a moderator, but I hope you do. I really appreciate that you took your time to read through this, it means alot to me!
Have a nice day,

the ch0zen
Extreme Donator
Extreme Donator

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The Ch0zen's NEW Mod Application Empty Re: The Ch0zen's NEW Mod Application

Post by Alkan Beast Wed Jul 16, 2014 3:27 pm

It a yes for me, you will be great as moderator
Alkan Beast
Alkan Beast

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